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CSCS Logo Lorryloader trainingCSCS Approval for ALLMI
ALLMI recently announced that it has successfully completed the process for CSCS approval, and so the CSCS logo will be displayed on the ALLMI card as of 1st November this year.

The following important points should be noted in relation to this matter:

The CSCS logo will be displayed in the top right hand corner of all ALLMI cards relating to the following categories:
  o   Lorry Loader Operator
  o   Slinger / Signaller
  o   Crane Supervisor
  o   Appointed Person
  o   Thorough Examiner
The ALLMI scheme will continue in its current form (i.e. there will be no changes to the content or method of delivery / assessment in relation to any of the above courses).
Cards displaying the CSCS logo will be issued in connection with training paperwork / applications received by ALLMI from 1st November 2016 onwards. For paperwork / applications submitted by training providers before this date, an ALLMI card of the current type (i.e. which does not display the CSCS logo) will be issued.
As of 1st November 2016, current ALLMI cardholders can order a replacement card which will display the CSCS logo.
As referred to within the Build UK Training Standard published in May of this year, from 1st January 2017, Build UK members will require lifting team personnel to hold a CSCS branded ALLMI card, should the cardholder’s activities on site be classed as a "construction occupation" (i.e. this applies to protracted site work only, rather than delivery).

ALLMI Card with CSCS Logo
From 1st November 2016, the ALLMI card will carry the CSCS logo

Wakefield, comments "This year, we have undergone an independent audit which was mapped against the Construction Leadership Council's requirements for the One Industry Logo initiative, the successful completion of which now enables us to display the CSCS logo on ALLMI cards."
He continues "We are delighted with this development; the achievement of CSCS approval is excellent news for ALLMI and it further strengthens our claim of being the UK’s leading provider of training for all lorry loader lifting team roles."

Should you have any queries regarding this matter, then please contact the ALLMI office.

Build UK ALLMI Aproval

Build UK Recognises ALLMI Training
As a collective voice for the contracting supply chain in construction, Build UK recently published its official Training Standard of recognised card schemes and ALLMI's training categories for all lifting team members have been included.
ALLMI CEO, Tom Wakefield, comments "We're very pleased with ALLMI's recognition from Build UK. This further demonstrates our respective organisations' mutual objective of improving safety and raising standards, and also the continual strengthening of our excellent relationship. It also further cements ALLMI's claim to be the leading provider of training for lorry loader operations and the industry experts for all related activities."

10 Reasons to choose ALLMI training

  • 1. The ALLMI scheme is fully compliant with the requirements of BS7121Part 4: 2010 (the British Standard for lorry loaders) and is endorsed b'{ the ALLMII CPA Best Practice  Guide (BPG) for the "Safe Use of Lorry Loaders". The BPG is endorsed by UKCG, SAFed, ConstructionSkills, the National Construction College, MPBA and HSE, and it can be downloaded free of charge from the ALLMI website.

  •  2 ALLMI is the only accrediting body to specialise in loader crane training and delivers the only operator programme to be written by the loader crane industry, for the loader crane industry. The training standards are developed and maintained by the association's training committee, which  consists of representatives from the HSE, UK loader crane manufacturers, importers, fleet owners and training companies.
    3 ALLMI provides comprehensive technical and legislative support for its accredited instructor network, and ALLMI card carriers. No other body is able to offer such specialist advice and guidance in relation to the safe use of loader cranes.
    4 The quality and standard of ALLMI's course documentation for both instructors and operators is unrivalled. Instructors receive the ALLMI Instructor Manual and a range of training aids which assist them in delivering the highest standard of training and assessment. Operators
    are issued with the ALLMI Operator Manual, which serves II a reference guide throughout their career.
    5  ALLMI is the only accrediting body to provide an instructors course which is geared specifically towards the delivery of loader crane training.
    6 Quality, accredited and audited training  forms  the backbone of the ALLMI scheme, in addition to the rigorous assessment process that operators must successfully complete.
    7 ALLMI trains six times as many loader crane operators a year as any other scheme.
    8  Due to the way in which the scheme is managed, the ALLMI programme provides employers with a comprehensive documented audit trail in relation to training of operators, therefore providing essential support, should an accident occur.
    9 AllMI enjoys an excellent reciprocal working relationship with HSE. HSE has input into many of ALLMI'.s projects and standards and in turn, assists HSE in communicating best practice and legislative  requirements to industry. The ALLMI scheme is also the only one of it's type to have received the HSE's "Working  in Partnership" commendation endation when these
    were 1ssued.                                                   ''""
    10  ALLMI does not use NVQs or log books, as it believes that the most appropriate way to assist employers in determining competence is to administer refresher training and re-assessment on  periodic basis, as endorsed by Annex 8, section 8.6         Part 4: :2010

ALLMI Lorryloader aproval UKCGUKCG Recognises the ALLMI Operators
The United Kingdom Contractors Group
 (UKCG) recently agreed to recognise the ALLMI operator card and to incorporate ALLMI training into its list of Accepted Record Schemes. The UKCG’s Health & Safety Committee has reached the decision to approve ALLMI training.   David Lambert, Health & Safety Advisor for the UKCG, comments “The UKCG is pleased to include the ALLMI Lorry Loader Training Scheme as a ‘recognised scheme’ under its ‘Accepted Record Schemes’.  The UKCG recognises that the ALLMI scheme is used across the UK by a wide range of suppliers and contractors, providing a defined level of training for those using lorry loaders on UKCG sites
ALLMI CEO, Tom Wakefield, comments “we’re extremely pleased with the UKCG’s decision to recognise the ALLMI card, which we believe reflects the quality of ALLMI training and its credibility within the industry.  The uptake of the ALLMI scheme has increased significantly over recent years and the news that our training will now reach even further into the construction sector was gratefully received by our members, as they all share a passion to see standards continually raised in relation to the safe use of Lorryloaders
Loader crane incident costs scaffold company £95,000 Spectra Scaffolding of Warth Road Industrial Estate, Bury, England, has been fined £40,000 plus £45,000 costs following a loader crane accident in November 2008.
 David Collins, 31, a father of two suffered severe injuries to his head, back and leg and is now a paraplegic. Collins was unloading a bundle of seven metre long scaffold tubes at a shop refurbishment job in Stoke-on-Trent. As he lifted the tubes, a sling became detached. from the crane's hook, causing the 1.5 tonne bundle to fall on him as he stood under the load. An investigation revealed that the safety catch on the hook was faulty. Although the company was aware of it, it had not taken any steps to replace it. In addition Collins had not been properly trained and was unaware of its importance and the routine-type lift had not been properly planned. HSE inspector Lindsay Hope said: "As a result of this incident Collins has been severely disabled and could easily have been killed. Companies that operate lorry mounted cranes must ensure their operators undertake appropriate, recognised training in all aspects. They must be competent to use the equipment properly and plan safe lifting in variable site conditions. This lift wasn't properly planned or supervised and Collins hadn't been sufficiently trained in how to use the crane and slings. Furthermore, the equipment had not been properly maintained and should never have been used." David Collins, 31, a father of two suffered severe injuries