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We are one of the few independent professional operator training company's in the country


Up Skill your HGV Agency Drivers
We all need an edge/USP. It is possible to train HGV drivers through your agency for Lorryloader (HIAB) courses and Slinger /Signaller courses to gain a fully accredited ALLMI/CSCS Certificate. As the training is ON-SITE every one of your HIAB customers has a potential training aria that could provide trained operators both for them directly and your agency. As an additional bonus using the potential employer’s actual vehicles means that the new operator will be fully conversant with the machine they will use for work. The training facility’s required are minimal comprising of a quiet room for the course duration to give PowerPoint talks/films and a safe aria for the practical elements of the course whether it is Lorryloader or Slinger/Signaller that is being trained/tested. Courses can have a maximum of 3/4 candidates …Novice course is 2 days with Experienced operators & Refresh (ALLMI) certificates are 1-day courses. Accredited ALLMI & ITSSAR Slinger/Signaller Courses need the same arrangements.


Lorry loader Courses
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Course Introduction, Legislation,  Intro Loader Crane
Pre-operational checks, Lifting Equipment, Attachments, Sighting the Loader Crane, Deployment of Stabiliser Legs, Use of Controls, Preparing Loader Crane for Use, Operating Loader Crane, Stowing Procedure, Preparation for Assessment  Revision, Theory & Practical Assessment, Final Administration

Slinger/Signaller Course
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Role and responsibilities as a Slinger/Signaller
Identify differing types of lifting equipment / accessories
Understand Regulations aligned with manufacturer’s recommendations. Identify Centres of gravity and estimate weights of loads
Prepare and ready the area of operation Understand action required for all type of hazards. Secure various types of load to a lifting hook using the relevant lifting accessory and procedures
Ensure load balance, security and integrity
Direct and guide the movement of loads to specified location.
Accurately place loads Arrange, communication procedures
Maintain safe working situations


The Costs at present 

For lorryloader training are £135 a candidate with a minimum invoice cover of £250 + ALLMI registration.

Slinger/Signaller courses are £220 a day. ALLMI registration fee is £38.50 in all cases.

7hr CPC are £49.00 per candidate.

For lorryloader training are from £250 a day
Slinger/Signaller courses are £220 a day.

All invoices are 30 days

Q & A

What courses can be offered?
Lorryloader & Slinger/Signaller

Experienced Operators with a minimum of 12 months operation and or a certificate from other HSE recognized bodies + a previous experience form. (Downloadable from the Web site)

Refreshers are of the ALLMI certificates + the previous experience form.

Novice are 2 day courses. The spirit of the course is that that the operator has a minimum understanding of how Lorryloader’s work prior to the start. We also offer a 1-day additional familiarisation course prior to the start of an ALLMI course to cover this if needed.

Can you add CPC hours to the courses?
Yes   7hr per course ALLMI only

Do we travel the country?

What is the Max & Minimum number of candidates?
4/1 ALLMI    3/1 ITSSAR

Which Accreditation should I use?
ALLMI is directly recognised by the HSE
ITSSAR is part of the Accredited Body’s association 2012

Where can I read the “smallprint” regarding costs and courses?
On the web site

How much will it cost?
All costs are available on the web site and we always give a firm quote with no hidden extras



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