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ALLMI Lorry Loader "Check Book"

Method of use.

Step 1:

Download as a pdf file HERE

  Ensure your ALLMI document wallet is proudly displayed in your windscreen.
Step 2:    
  Carry out your pre-use checks in accordance with your training and your employers requirements.
Remember to place a tick, a cross or n/a in each box as blank boxes cause doubt
  Tear-out the front page of the slip for use in the next stage. The duplicate copy remains in the book
Step 3:    
Found a fault? Ensure the red side of the slip is displayed, park the vehicle safely, remove the keys and report the defect's immediately.
Step 4: Do not use until repairs are signed off by a suitably competent person.

Everything OK? Ensure the green side of the slip is displayed.


Remember, you should also keep an eye open for any fault which may arise during your shift

Carry out pre-use checks on lorry loaders at the start of each working day, or shift; or when taking the vehicle over for the first time.

    Ensure checks are conducted in accordance with both the generic formal training provided

and the specific manufacturers instructions.

    Ensure every single box on the check sheet has either a tick, or a cross, or n/a written in it.

    Get the daily pre-use check sheet signed by your line manager or supervisor.

      Do not take out a lorry loader which you have found to be unsafe to use unless or until repairs are made and signed off by a suitably competent person.

ALLMI March 2014

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